Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Unexpected visit from my muse - Nano Day 3

Meet my MUSE! 

Today was an interesting day. I knew that I was already well ahead of my word count, and a sort of cocky feeling spread over me. "I got this," I said out loud while doing other things, and going about my day. I glanced at my characters for a while, and at one point felt like they might be hiding on me. Perhaps I had overworked them. It wasn't until I started up Second Life, and walked around my virtual world -- that I became inspired. I have been part of Second Life for four years now, and it has always been a source of distraction from the real world, but also an inspiration for my writing. I have gotten so many creative ideas from this world, that I truly believe I wouldn't be where I am, if I hadn't played. 

Here I have been worrying that my Muse wasn't going to visit me at the beginning of my book, and then I realized it was right in front of me (the above picture). I sat my Avi down in the virtual world at her computer, and let her start typing, while I put down the browser and pounded out over 2000 words to bring me to the 10,000 mark. WOOOOT!

Has your muse visited lately?


Anonymous said...

Wow! We are really alike, you and me. Right down to our blog names. Awesome. As a child, I scribbled words into the air. Yeah, just wrote words with my finger into the air. Whatever word I heard. I can't believe I was that dunce to never suspect I could write. Even when I aced honors English, I never did anything with this talent until now...But boy oh boy. Watch out! Cuz here we come! Me and HALLO takin' the world by storm. Can't WAIT to learn more about you. SOOOO glad we met. Thanks for the follow and the rockin' comment. Luv that you're this crazy about writing!! Like me!! (Oh yeah, and total pantser...Nothin' but.) YAY! Ok, I'm cartwheeling again cuz I met another writing bestie! We'll have to guest on each other's blogs!! Exciting!! Talk to you soon!

Ian said...

Your muse took an interesting shape this time, and I must admit I hadn't thought of using a character I play or use as a muse. But ultimately, it doesn't matter who inspires your writing, only that it is inspired. Congrats on finding your muse, I am glad it's working well for you. Good luck heading into the rest of the second week...

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