Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How To Quiet Your Characters At Work

I wish that my writing career allowed for me to spend my time at home preparing my characters for November 1st,  but the reality of it is – it doesn’t! I have to work, and take care of my two kids, a home, a dog, and all while finishing my degree full time. 

Last night I spent a few hours doing character interviews, and this morning, they were still asserting themselves. I was unable to focus at work, and with only days left, I knew I needed to come up with a strategy to quiet them. Here is what I have done in past situations like this.

1.      1. Jot down notes – I carry a notebook with me, specifically for Nano, but I recently read an interview where the writer did all of her notes on napkins. 

2.       2. Send yourself a text or email – Give your characters a job, and have them send the email for you!

3.       3. Leave yourself a voicemail – I have done this before when driving. 

        4. Let your characters interact within your workspace - This is what I chose to do this morning. Instead of   fighting them off, I invited them to sit with me. Only a few showed up, but I could visualize how they would interact with the patients. It brought me closer to them, and it seemed to quiet my mind. Thankfully, my six-year-old character is a quiet one, and played by himself in the corner, while his mother chatted with everyone who walked through the door. 

         What is your strategy? 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Clearing Clutter for a Healthier NanoWriMo

Here is my writespace -

The next logical question would be - how can I possibly write like this??? The short answer --I don't! Typically, you will find my fingers clicking away hunched over my laptop or net-book in whatever area of the house I can fit.  This is of course a huge risk to my neck and back, and I am sure my creative flow.  So with NanoWriMo quickly approaching, I took the time to clean my workspace.  

That is much better right? Here I sit ergonomically correct, writing this blog, and realizing that I have taken the first step of setting myself up for a healthier writing month in November. Honestly, though, I really do think clearing the clutter to provide an open space where your characters can live freely is important to a successful writing habit. The old writespace screamed "Go Away!" This new clutter free area is inviting and quietly says "welcome, come and have some coffee and begin your comfortable day of writing." Try it!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lost & Found

I wish I had an amazing excuse for my lack of blog posts, and twitter updates.  In fact, I haven't even taken the time to try to come up with something clever. Instead I will just say that I stopped writing. I could come up with about a zillion reasons why this happened, but the bottom line of it all is -- I stopped.  I wrote my first novel, completed it... put it away so I could rewrite it after some of the love for the characters had worn off... and that was that.  Five months later--here I am.

I have been doing a ton of reading, and it continues to feed my passion for writing.  Here are some of the books that I have read over the last couple of months:


I officially signed up for #NaNoWriMo today as well. I have a few plots kicking around in my head that are demanding to be put on paper-- that's my job right?

Thank you to those who kept in touch, and I look forward to getting to know my new followers.

Have a great day!
<3 Kristy