Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nano Day 9 - Kicking and Screaming

I love the fact that I can get lost while I write. The daily stress can quickly dissolve into the scene that I am writing, and for moments at a time, I can be the puppet-master of my own world.

Lately, two of my main characters have interrupted my peaceful writing. One of them, the youngest, feels that his age is too young. The other, well she can't decide on if she wants to be referred to in her full name, by her last name, or three different nicknames. It's exhausting! I will think that we have settled on an effective nickname, and then along the way it changes. 

The great thing about Nano, is they can kick and scream all they want, but I don't have to change anything right now. I don't have to worry if one character is acting way older than he should, or if another character has three different nicknames. I am confident that by the end of the story, he will know exactly how old he is, and she will have decided on her name. Until then, I will remain calm and peaceful, and continue to lose myself among the river of words. 

Do you find that your characters rebel mid-story? How do you handle it?


Unknown said...

I find the voices in my head do the same thing as your characters

Erin said...

I think you've got the right idea to just keep writing and let your characters figure themselves out. That might be different if you weren't doing NaNo, but it sounds like a good plan for November!

Thanks for the kind words over at my blog. I greatly appreciate it!!!

brandileigh2003 said...

LOL- my characters haven't rebelled, please don't give them any ideas!

Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

Anonymous said...

My MC is screaming b/c I've abandoned her while I edit for my ms critique with Janet Reid in January. It's exhausting so every once in a while, I'll let her flow onto the page and she pipes down for a while. It's like letting the "psshssshhhh" out of the Dr. Pepper bottle by unscrewing it juuuuuussst a bit, then tightening it back up again. LOL!

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