Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Day of Nano - Now What?

Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo!

Although I have been declared a "winner," I am kind of sad that I finished as early as I did. It would have been fun to cross the finish line with so many of you that did so today, and those who are still attacking their keyboards with pure determination! GO YOU!!!!!

So tomorrow is December 1st - time for finals at school, and Christmas shopping? well, yes.... but it's now time for me to dust off my 16 day novel, and take a look at what I have done. It's time to sit down and have an intimate conversation with each chapter, and to weave in the ribbons that will tie the book together.

Am I scared? Absolutely! -- Will I succeed? -- Absolutely!

The rewriting process is not something to approach lightly, and I plan on being completely dedicated to this book.

So what is next for you? A month off? more? Will you be starting a new book right away?

Congratulations Nano-writers - YOU DID IT! and if you didn't -- there is always next month! <3


Erin said...

Congrats on winning! It's great to hear that you are serious and dedicated to your revision. I hope you enjoy the process and end up with a product that you are truly happy with and proud of!

I'm not super-psyched about this year's NaNo novel, so I'm setting that aside to revise a novel that I finished in October and start writing a new one that I'm really excited about.

Congrats again! Good luck & have fun!

Tracy said...

Congratulations to you on your finish...I think endings are always bittersweet. I know you will do the revisions with gusto and vigor!
Good Luck and enjoy your success...

Unknown said...

Congrats you made it! I did too just in the nick of time but mine is no way finished even as a rough. I have I guess another 20,000 before I can come to the end.

Good luck with the revision. I will finish the story and put mine away as it was just a writing exercise for me - back to the 'serious' stuff in january!

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