Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 1 and 2

I had hoped to write this blog yesterday, but I was pretty wiped.  The past two days have been a success. I have managed to get over 6000 words in so far, and I'm still trucking along. I'm getting to know my characters a little bit more, and throwing them into some pretty dramatic scenes. It will be interesting to see how things progress. I am happy with it so far.

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Things I have learned so far.

**Highlight words that I need to either find a different word for, or fact check - (this has been hard for me to do, but helps to not interrupt my creative flow)

**Be patient - I know what the story is about, and I know how it will end, but I need to be more patient on how I will get there - the characters will guide the way

**JUST WRITE  - This is a big one- I have heard a lot of writers give this kind of advice, and I must admit that it is true. Sometimes it really is just about sitting down and doing the writing. I had a notebook with me today, and wrote a complete chapter by hand. There are no excuses -- JUST WRITE!


Erin said...

Congrats on the 6,000 words!

Love the tips...especially the first one. I need to do more of that!

Kristy Philbrick said...

@Erin It is extremely hard for me not to run to my Thesaurus right at that moment and find a different word. I even had a character who remained nameless for a few chapters, I just put this ____ in place of the name. Figuring I would come up with something along the way. I am going to blog about that later today. Thanks for the comment. I'm so thrilled to be meeting so many new people through this adventure!

S Golis said...

Yes I too congratulate you on 6000 words, that is such an accomplishment I started writing a romance short story for a magazine and I needed 5000 words and I could only get 3200 words, no matter what I did I could not come up with remaining words...I guess I was not feeling the story line...as long as you have the words flowing like water then you have a story to tell....so just write...BEST OF LUCK.

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