Sunday, November 7, 2010

Late Night Writing - Nano Day 5, 6 & 7

I am starting to notice a pattern with my writing for Nano. I am waiting until the very last part of the day to start. It's not that this hasn't worked for me --I've exceeded 15k and feel like I am at a good pace with my story. Only last night did I fear that I was revealing something too early in the story. I still haven't convinced myself that I didn't, but for now, it will remain where it is.

The problem with waiting until the end of the night is I risk not being able to get my word count in and possibly my creativity is not as keen as it would be if I were to do it earlier in the day. Frankly, by this time of night, my brain is fried from other things. My goal for the next 10K words is to produce them earlier in the day, and then if I want to write later in the night, it's perfectly acceptable. I'm not sure if my fear is that I will sit down and stare at a blank page, or if I am just afraid that I won't be as creative if my brain is fully functioning.

Even today, I sat down to start writing, and now I'm blogging.

What time of the day do you find is the best for your writing?


Erin said...

On non-working days, I prefer to write mid-morning or early afternoon. Don't know why. On days when I work one or two (or three) jobs, the best time to write is whenever I possibly can. =)

Great job with your pace and being at 15K already. Keep up the good work!

Lo Hughes said...

First, good job with NanoWriMo! I wimped out this year to work on my revisions :-)

I totally know what you mean, our styles sound pretty similar! I don't know why my writing always gets pushed to the very last thing in the day, but it usually does. Sometimes that has benefits, because it means I can stay up all night if I really get going, but on the other hand, after a day at work my brain is usually pretty fried and I can't work for longer than an hour or two. I also find that I tend to procrastinate more if I know the whole night is ahead of me. I've been trying the 'get up a bit early and write before work' thing, which is going ok, but I think that I'll find myself going back to the evenings come December. If I could find some time just after dinner, it would be perfect! A bit of time to unwind and relax after work, but still in bed earlier enough to be refreshed the next day.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kristy,

Personally, I try to find time throughout the day to get my minimum word count in (lunch at work is really helpful). This way I get my minimum word count in before I get home. All the rest is extra and written without pressure.

On the weekends, I usually start writing at noon (after accomplishing a few chores) and take breaks about every hour and a half to reset my brain.

Shirley said...

Hm.... my best time is when the mood strikes me! However, that is not always so productive because lack of structure makes it far too easy to procrastinate!

Unknown said...

Mie is late afternoon and night . .until the wee hours of the morning sometimes.
I am happiest when my creative juices flows as fast as I can type.
NANO is an awesome undertaking and one I have not particpated in.
Gloria D.

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