Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Writing # 1

I have taken the summer off from school to submerge myself into my writing. So I can rewrite the novel I wrote last year... and so that I can continue on the projects that I'm already working on. Yet, I feel pressured, non-content, angry, defeated. My characters have abandoned me, and my drive has dissolved. So, here I am, at the mercy of my blog, trying to find some form of motivation.  I contemplated starting a new blog - quickly realized that the time to get it set up could be better used writing. I sat, stared at the blank screen, and contemplated writing about my two dogs, possibly even giving them their own blog. It's a thought - but do I really want to spend my writing time, speaking for my pets? Some days, maybe... right now.. no!  So, my promise to myself is to write - to write every day regardless of how self-defeated I feel. Today is day 1!


Alejandro said...

I'm still waiting. Where have you been? ;)

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