Monday, October 25, 2010

Clearing Clutter for a Healthier NanoWriMo

Here is my writespace -

The next logical question would be - how can I possibly write like this??? The short answer --I don't! Typically, you will find my fingers clicking away hunched over my laptop or net-book in whatever area of the house I can fit.  This is of course a huge risk to my neck and back, and I am sure my creative flow.  So with NanoWriMo quickly approaching, I took the time to clean my workspace.  

That is much better right? Here I sit ergonomically correct, writing this blog, and realizing that I have taken the first step of setting myself up for a healthier writing month in November. Honestly, though, I really do think clearing the clutter to provide an open space where your characters can live freely is important to a successful writing habit. The old writespace screamed "Go Away!" This new clutter free area is inviting and quietly says "welcome, come and have some coffee and begin your comfortable day of writing." Try it!


Ron said...

Nice writing area!

Xjaeva said...

You're good at photo shop.

Kristy Philbrick said...

@Xjaeva If only photoshop worked for real life!!! :)

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