Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why I Write!

I feel the only appropriate introduction to this blog would be to tell all of you why I write. Stories such as "The Secret Garden" and "Alice in Wonderland" allowed me to hope that worlds such as that exist. Magical places that I could escape to, keys that would unlock a beauty that could only be described by Frances Hodgson Burnett, or rabbit holes that went on forever as imagined by Lewis Carroll. I believed in these places, and I wanted nothing more than to be part of them, the scary parts, and all. Soon my imagination turned to love stories, the kind that leaves you with tissues, and a longing for that type of love. Nicholas Sparks brought me to a world that depicted so much more than the movie remakes could ever portray. Elizabeth Berg said this, "I still think about characters and sometimes I--this sounds awful to say, but I draw inspiration from my own characters. You know, what would Lainey do? Do you think she'd be sitting here bitching about this? No! She Wouldn't" (Writer's Digest March/April 2010). She has allowed me to realize that it is okay to be in love with my own characters. In fact, those very characters are a piece of me.

I write because it allows me to escape into a world that I created in my mind a long time ago. I write because I dream of more than what we see in front of us, and because my imagination carries me throughout the day. If I did not write, I think I might explode! I write because I love it and someday someone will be reading one of my books, and they will love it too! I write because I am a passionate person who dreams. I write because it is who I am--and I will no longer deny myself that right!

The Write Life will be a place that I can be who I want to be. I will discuss intimate details about the very characters that have entered my life. I am sure I will complain and maybe even cuss about the struggles of not knowing what to put in that next paragraph! I will share my joys and disappointments of the struggles of becoming a published writer. Most of all, I will write!

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